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Accelerator Program

Be part of the dynamic and growing ecosystem of Xilinx ISVs!

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What's the Accelerator Program?

Accelerate Products & Services with Alveo™ cards and FPGAs

A quick start program to enable companies to accelerate products and services across all Xilinx platforms: Cloud, Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards, SmartSSD and Versal.

Join Xilinx to launch world-class applications based on adaptable hardware that enables enterprises’ various data center needs across all verticals. Build deployable full-stack solutions in your expert domain.

> Leverage Vitis™ unified software platform to start developing your application
> Leverage Your Existing Algorithms and IP

Deploy Custom Hardware to Millions in Public Cloud
 Extend Your Existing Business Model
> Connect to Xilinx Marketing, FPGA expertise and funding opportunities


Benefits for Program members


Accelerator Benefit - Support

> Support Community
> Certified Training Courses
> Tutorials
> Direct Assistance

Alveo Loaner Cards

Accelerator Benefit - Loaners

> Multiple card offerings
> U280, U250, U200, U50, U55C
> Support strategic PoCs
> Data Center Solutions


Accelerator Benefit - Co-Marketing

> Targeted EDM
> Blog posts, Videos
> Social Media
> Microsites
> Webinars

Joint Sales Engagements

Accelerator Benefit - Sales

> Intro to CSPs*: AWS, Azure, VMAccel, Alibaba, Tencent
> Intro to major OEMs
> Enterprise Customers
> Funding Opportunities

* CSPs (Cloud Service Providers)


Continually growing ecosystem of partners, tools and resources

Join Today

Be part of the dynamic and growing ecosystem of Xilinx ISVs!


  • Valid company email
  • Valid company phone number
  • Developing an acceleration solution for Alveo accelerator cards or Xilinx cloud partners
  • Willingness to participate in co-promotion with Xilinx


  • Xilinx web based forum support and training material
  • Co-marketing opportunities for industry events, social media, Xilinx Developer Forums and vertical events
  • Xilinx Venture funding opportunities
  • Vitis training course – A Unified Software platform
  • For the Amazon Web Services cloud, you will need the FPGA Developer Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that provides the connectivity shell around the IP - Download here
  • Vitis™ Unified Software Platform
  • Vivado® Design Suite
  • Development Enviroment

Looking for Additional Benefits

Join the Xilinx Developer Program and access exclusive training, technical sessions, demos, and example designs.

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