Order & Activate - 10G Ethernet with 1588 Subsystem Ordering Instructions

Access to the Subsystem

The AMD 10G Ethernet with 1588 Subsystem is provided in netlist form to licensed Ethernet customers only. The netlist is configured based upon user provided details. As described in the ordering information below, a confirmation email which includes configuration details will be sent to you.

The sole purpose of the Ethernet cores is to help you develop designs for AMD devices. AMD reserves the right to deny access to the Ethernet core products. The Ethernet cores are licensed under the AMD Core License Agreement.

Ordering Information

To purchase any of these IP cores, contact your local AMD Sales Representative referencing the appropriate part number(s) in below table.

IP Access Part Number
10G Ethernet Media Access Controller (10GEMAC)
(Includes access to 10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem - 25GEMAC + BASE-R)
10GBASE-KR (clause 74 FEC, AN)
(Includes access 10GBASE-KR/25GBASE-KR available from 10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem)
10GBASE-R (10G Ethernet PCS/PMA)
(UltraScale+ support for 10GBASE-R available from 10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem)
No charge. No license key.

Configuration Confirmation

As part of the notification for the Ethernet configuration, you will be asked to accept the Core Project License Agreement. The email address associated with your AMD.com account must be a valid company email address in order for the netlist to be approved.

Netlist Ship

Once you have executed the Core License Agreement and the core has been configured to specification, the LogiCORE IP for AMD FPGAs will be provided to you.

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