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ZC702 - XADC_VCC5V0 jumper setting to enable Analog Mixed Signal evaluation


What is the correct jumper setting for J65 on the ZC702 board to enable Analog Mixed Signal evaluation?


ZC702 documentation (UG926 - Zynq-7000 ZC702 Getting Started Guide (v1.2); UG850 - ZC702 Board User Guide (v1.0) as well as UG886 - AMS101 Evaluation Card User Guide (v1.0)) list the jumper settings on the ZC702 board to enable AMS evaluation.

Jumper setting for J65 (XADC_VCC5V0) is listed as "Not in Place".  This should read J65: In Place.

The J65 jumper needs to be in place to enable AMS evaluation.

The next versions of UG926, UG886 and UG850 will be updated to reflect the correct J65 jumper setting.

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AR# 51110
Date 05/21/2018
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