AR# 58850


14.7 Sysgen - Model upgrade flow does not work on the first attempt


In my Sysgen design, the model upgrade flow does not always work successfully on the first attempt.

I launch Sysgen and open the model -> double-click the Sysgen token -> click model upgrade to bring up the report -> click the upgrade link.

This results in an error in the MATLAB console. 

However, if I hit the regenerate link and upgrade again, it works.

It also occurs when I launch Sysgen and open the model for the first time.

If I right-click and select upgrade block, an error dialog box appears. 

If I click OK to exit out of the error dialog and select the upgrade block again, it works.

Why does this need to be done twice to successfully upgrade the design?


This is a known issue with ISE Sysgen 14.7. 

Some designs contain two Sysgen tokens; one at the top level and another inside the MicroBlaze subsystem included in the Sysgen design.

Models with multiple Sysgen tokens are not handled properly and the availability of more than one set of device family settings during the upgrade process appears to cause this issue.

Running the upgrade process twice resolves the issue as a cache will be used from the first failed attempt for the second successful upgrade attempt.

AR# 58850
Date 08/19/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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