AR# 59911

10-Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA (10GBASE-R/10GBASE-KR) - GTRXRESET is needed if RX Serial Data is lost


The 7-Series GT transceivers require a GTRXRESET when RX Serial Data is lost.  

The RX Serial data will be lost when a cable is unplugged or the link partner is reset. 

The GTRXRESET is needed to be able to recover block lock in the core.


The 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA v4.1 (Rev. 1) in 2014.1 adds a watch dog timer to check if block lock stays low and if it does issues a GTRXRESET.  

Current and previous versions of the core also monitored for idle data of alternating 0's and 1's on RX data out of the GT and have a watch dog timer to issue a GTRXRESET if this is found.

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AR# 59911
Date 04/17/2014
Status Active
Type General Article