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UG850 (v1.3) ZC702 Board User Guide - Table 1-29 - What is the pin listing for FMC2_LPC_CLK1_M2C_P / _N?


In (UG850) v1.3 ZC702 Board User Guide, Table 1-29 lists the LPC Connections for FMC2 (J4) to a Zynq-7000 SoC U1 device on the board. 

There is no pin listing for FMC2_LPC_CLK1_M2C_P / _N in this table - what pins on U1 are connected to these nets?


FMC2_LPC_CLK1_M2C_P is connected to U1 pin Y6.

FMC2_LPC_CLK1_M2C_N is connected to U1 pin Y5.

This information has been included in (UG850) v1.4.

AR# 63568
Date 06/13/2018
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