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Vitis Core Development Kit - 2022.1  Full Product Installation

Important Information

Vitis Unified Software Platform 2022.1 Release Highlights :

Vitis Unified Software Platform 2022.1 now available

Vitis™ flow enhancement for Versal® ACAP and AI Engine

  • Supports XIlinx base DFX platform with one static region and one DFX region
  • AIE profiling supports stall/deadlock detection, generates AI Engine status (including error events) view reports​ in Vitis Analyzer
  • External Traffic Generators in x86sim, AIEsim, and SW emulation are much more flexible and can be inserted very easily in Simulation and Emulation flows
  • Vitis Model Composer supports Hardware Validation, Linux and HW emulation


Vitis for DC and Vitis HLS

  • Vitis Provides additional reporting support for the dynamic region generation process and Flow reporting enhancements include 3 new or updated reports
  • Vitis Improves PL profiling with the choice of offloading trace to memory resources (preferred) or FIFO in the PL for better performance
  • A new Timeline Trace Viewer to show the runtime profile and allows user to remain in the Vitis HLS GUI is now available after simulation
  • Vitis HLS now supports a higher level type of "smart" construct via the new performance pragma or the set_performance_directive
  • Vitis Graph Library with L3 API enhancements for performance


  • To install Vitis Core Development Kit, select Vitis on the Xilinx Unified Installer. Vitis installation includes Vivado® Design Suite, Vitis Model Composer, Vitis HLS.

             – There is no need to install Vivado separately.

Download Includes
  • Vitis Core Development Kit
Download Type
  • Full Product Installation
Last Updated
  • Apr 26, 2022