Introducing the Industry’s First 20nm Space-Grade FPGA

The new 20nm Radiation Tolerant (RT) Kintex® UltraScale™ XQRKU060 FPGA, enables unlimited on-orbit reconfiguration and machine learning in space for real time on-board-processing. With 10x DSP compute capacity compared to prior space product generations, the XQRKU060 provides extensive pipelining and extension capabilities that enhance the speed and efficiency of applications. The on-orbit reconfiguration capabilities, together with real-time on-board processing ML, allows satellites to update in real-time, deliver video-on-demand and perform compute “on-the-fly” to process complex algorithms. The XQRKU060also also features robust 40x40 mm ceramic packaging, making it more than capable of withstanding the vibrations of launch and radiation of space in orbit.

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Introducing the Versal Premium ACAP

Experience the world’s highest bandwidth, highest compute density adaptable platform for network processing and compute acceleration. Fast, secure, and future-proof, the newest Xilinx ACAP delivers breakthrough integration of networked, power-optimized cores. Versal™ Premium series is designed to solve the challenges of high bandwidth networks within thermally and spatially constrained environments, as well as the compute demands of cloud service providers.

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Versal ACAP: First Silicon Journey

Experience the journey of the first Versal™ ACAP silicon from TSMC to Xilinx headquarters in Silicon Valley ahead of schedule, a historic accomplishment many years in the making.

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Ethernity’s Cloud Networking and Security Acceleration: Powered by Xilinx

Ethernity, a leading provider of networking SoCs, smartNICs, and appliances to telecom service providers, uses Xilinx FPGAs to accelerate multiple network and packet processing functions. The company’s patented FPGA-based software enables it to deliver high volume, production solutions that connect more than 100 million users in the access and broadband network.

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