Computational Storage

With the widespread adoption of high-speed storage and the increased performance requirement of data-intensive applications, traditional architectures have created CPU, memory, and storage bottlenecks.

Computational Storage

Enabling Future Innovations in the Next-Generation of Data Centers

AMD makes it possible to reduce TCO and accelerate system level compute by moving information processing closer to where your data resides

Significant Performance Improvement

Lower Energy Consumption

Lower & Predictable Latency

Solution Advantages

By moving compute closer to the data, AMD significantly reduces system-level data bottlenecks, increases parallelism, and reduces overall power requirements.

Computational Storage Drive

  • Move operations to SSD, bypassing system-level bottlenecks
  • Performance scales with storage
  • Partners measuring up to 5X lower latency and 10X performance improvement

Computational Storage Array

  • Storage Consolidation – up to 50% cost reduction
  • Shared Storage reduces the need for copies
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Increased infrastructure density & reduced power

Disaggregated Storage Acceleration

  • Offload for NVMe over fabric, integrated target RNIC (RoCE v2 protocol)
  • Accelerators: Erasure coding, RAID, compression, hashing / de-dupe
  • Customer logic

Samsung SmartSSD®

Samsung Electronics launches SmartSSD®, an AMD-based (FPGA) SSD that enables high-performance accelerated computing closer to flash storage and bypasses CPU and memory limitations. SmartSSD® Computational Storage Drive (CSD), powered by AMD FPGAs, increases speed and efficiency and lowers operating costs by pushing intelligence to where data lives.

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Pliops Extreme Data Processor

The Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP)—with AMD adaptive computing technology— utilizes an optimal approach for SSD infrastructure by delivering ultra-high performance Drive Failure Protection (DFP) and inline compression for NVMe SSD-based applications. Pliops XDP frees the CPU from computationally intensive storage tasks to deliver greater infrastructure reliability, application performance, storage capacity, and compute efficiency.

Redis Deployment    Drive Failure Protection

Our Vision

The center of gravity is shifting from compute to data through computational storage and its implications on improved application performance and overall infrastructure efficiency.

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