Unified software platform
 for all developers

Unlocking a new design experience for all developers

Introducing Vitis TM

The Vitis unified software platform enables the development of embedded software and accelerated applications on heterogeneous Xilinx platforms including FPGAs, SoCs, and Versal ACAPs. It provides a unified programming model for accelerating Edge, Cloud, and Hybrid computing applications.

Leverage integration with high-level frameworks, develop in C, C++, or Python using accelerated libraries or use RTL-based accelerators & low-level runtime APIs for more fine-grained control over implementation — Choose the level of abstraction you need.

Unified design methodology for all Xilinx platforms

  • Single design methodology and programming model for deploying accelerated applications on all Xilinx platforms
  • Including Alveo accelerator cards, embedded platforms or FPGA instances in the cloud
  • Develop and deploy your accelerated applications on different hardware platforms with a simple makefile change.

Familiar software development experience

  • Access Xilinx adaptive compute within familiar developer workflows and environments
  • The Vitis unified software platform offers both GUI and command line development tools
  • Leverage integration or develop accelerated applications with high-level frameworks and languages including Tensorflow and Caffe, C, C++ or Python

Software-defined whole application acceleration

  • Use Xilinx adaptive compute to meet system-level performance goals of your applications by accelerating AI inference and other performance-critical functions.
  • Vitis AI and Vitis accelerated libraries allow end-to-end application acceleration using a purely software-defined flow - no hardware expertise required.

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