Vitis™ Database library is a performance-optimized C++ library that enables you to harness the power of Xilinx platforms to accelerate both data-intensive and compute-intensive applications. These are common in Relational Database Management. You can use several pre-optimized queries directly from your host application as a software API, without any hardware compile and build required for individual queries.

For example, you can use a General Query Engine (GQE) API, which is part of the Vitis Database library, to accelerate up to 22 TPC-H queries on the Xilinx Alveo accelerator card. This can be done without having to manually build the accelerator or manage data movement between the host and the accelerator.

For more fine-grained control to customize and build your own accelerated query steps, you can use the Vitis Database library primitives or Kernels. These offer optimized implementations for some of the most common relational database execution steps like hash, merge, sort, aggregate, combine, among others.

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