Signal Integrity

Building a working system today requires knowledge of a more than just digital logic.

The resources on this page are designed to give you everything you need to achieve reliable system-level designs with AMD FPGAs on the first try.

Signal Integrity (SI) Fundamental Tools and Models

AMD provides an extensive collection of documentation and tools for simulation. We support both IBIS and encrypted HSPICE models and design kits.

PCB Design Tools

Feature size reduction and the need for reduced power consumption have driven core voltages down from the old standard of 3.3V to the 0.9V range. This change in voltage and signal frequency content requires us to use new design practices that take into account electrical effects that could previously be ignored.

High Speed Serial Transceivers

AMD 7 Series FPGAs offer a portfolio of transceivers that runs from 500Mb/s up to 28Gb/s data rates.

7 Series Transceiver Max Link Rate

AMD high speed transceivers are designed with features that provide the best signal integrity. Shown below are the features that enable this through the use of the following:

  • Tx 3-tap Pre-emphasis
  • Rx linear equalizer
  • Rx advanced DFE
  • Low jitter PLL
  • High resolution 2-D Eye scan

Series Transceiver

White Papers

The following white papers are designed to teach readers how to use multiple EDA tools with AMD models (such as Agilent ADS) to perform FPGA signal and power integrity simulations.

Power Integrity

High Speed Serial Transceivers

PCB Design

Calculators and Estimators

When designing a board with elaborate ICs such as FPGAs, it is important to calculate the FPGA demand on the PCB and vice-versa. Below you will find information on signal integrity, static and dynamic power, and SSO:

Power Supply and Power Distribution Systems (PDS)

Analyze and design power and return current paths with information on bypass capacitor selection, power consumption and voltage regulators.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

AMD offers high-density package routing information, a detailed PCB design checklist and many other resources to ensure that you consider all the issues when designing a PCB.

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