Tools & Support

Marketing and Co-Marketing​

  • Partners have access to our Partner Portal where they maintain their full Partner Profile.  Partners may submit their company profile and AMD related adaptive computing products for publication on  We provide the tools to help you with these activities via our secure Partner Lounge.  ​

  • Partners may participate in various co-marketing activities such as creating demo video and authoring developers’ articles for publication on​

Software and Licensing Solutions ​

  • We provide Partners with design tools and access to licensing solutions which help them with customer engagements, to secure their IP, and the development of adaptive computing solutions.  ​  ​

Technical Support​

  • Partners have access to our technical support tools and our technical Forums where they may obtain support for devices and solutions.  ​

Program logos ​

  • Adaptive Computing Partners are provided program logos, by tier, which may be used with marketing and customer presentations, and published on their websites.  ​  ​