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High-performance, adaptable network solutions for today’s evolving data centers.

Xilinx has the Right Solutions for Network Acceleration

Xilinx offers a complete portfolio of networking products - from the industry’s first fully composable SmartNICs to our dependable Ethernet NICs with ultra-low latency. We have the right solution to address the needs of your current, and future, data center and edge networking requirements.



Proven High Throughput Packet Processing for Virtual Switching and Routing



Programmable to Address the Needs of Software Defined Networking



Workload Mobility Through Dynamic Reconfiguration for Today’s Cloud

Your Data Center Needs SmartNICs. Here’s Why.​

Your data center needs SmartNICs. Here's Why.

Today’s data centers must be able to accommodate ever-changing and expanding workloads, while keeping an eye on the future. They need to squeeze more performance out of each unit of rack space and get the best power-per-watt. And they have to compete, delivering the best possible performance to their customers while optimizing profit without sacrificing security. ​

SmartNICs can play a big role in solving these challenges. ​

SmartNICs are programmable NICs used to dramatically improve networking, storage, and security functions. They help accelerate network functions by intelligently offloading control-plane management, such as virtual switching and network function virtualization (NFV), freeing up valuable CPU cores for better revenue-earning services.​

Why Choose an FPGA-based SmartNIC?​

Where alternative approaches require you to replace your SmartNICs as applications and use cases change, FPGA-based SmartNICs allow for full programmability, enabling you to future-proof your network for whatever comes next.

View the infographic to see how SmartNICs can help you get the most out of your data center.​


The Industry’s First SmartNIC with Composable Hardware

Alveo SN1000 SmartNIC

Introducing the Alveo® SN1000 – the industry’s first fully software-defined, fully hardware-accelerated SmartNIC.


SmartNICs for Diverse Workloads


Alveo U25N SmartNIC

Delivering turnkey network and security acceleration for telcos and CSPs.

Alveo U25 SmartNIC

The Alveo U25 SmartNIC delivers ultra-high throughput, small packet performance, and low latency.​

offload NICS

Industry’s Lowest Latency NICs

X2 Series Ethernet Adapters

Through our acquisition of Solarflare, a pioneer in the development of low-latency networking and application acceleration, Xilinx offers the XtremeScale series of Ethernet adapters with Onload® kernel bypass technology.


Applications and Libraries

Xilinx and its ecosystem partners offer a breadth of networking solutions for customers to choose from. Using these solutions, customers can easily accelerate and deploy their applications without requiring any FPGA design experience.


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