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Data Center Networking

High-performance hardware adaptive solutions for today’s evolving data centers

Adaptive Infrastructure Acceleration

AMD  offers a complete portfolio of infrastructure acceleration products—including  adaptive SmartNICs and network accelerators-- that offload and accelerate infrastructure tasks in modern data centers, freeing up CPU cycles to perform high-value, business critical applications. With familiar FPGA development flows and comprehensive IP and reference designs, Alveo SmartNICs and network accelerators enable customizable datapaths to meet the diverse needs of hyperscalers, cloud service providers, telco operators, and enterprise data centers.


Performance at Line Rate

End-to-end hardware acceleration helps deliver infrastructure processing at network line rate


Hardware Adaptable Datapaths

Application-specific datapaths with the ability to adapt to evolving use cases in networking, security, storage, and more



A comprehensive software stack powered by the Vitis™ Networking Design Suite for C/C++, P4, and RTL programming

Alveo™ Network Accelerators


(2x 10G/25G)

Cost-effective, turnkey network acceleration for Open vSwitch (OVS), IPsec, firewall, QoS, and more


(2x 100G)

The Alveo U45N network accelerator features more than 1M LUTs of FPGA fabric and a 16-core discrete Arm processor to implement OVS, IPSEC, and custom networking, security, and storage virtualization functions.


(2x 100G)

With over 1.3M LUTs of FPGA fabric and HBM2, the Alveo U55C accelerator is ideal for network load balancing, SmartTOR (top-of-rack) switching, and other memory-bound workloads in data center networking

Vivado Design Suite


The Vivado™ Design Suite is available for hardware developers and offers a design environment and system design methodology for Alveo SmartNICs and network accelerators, including RTL programming, GUI-based IP integration, and a cohesive verification and implementation environment. A complete opensource NIC design (“OpenNIC”) is also available to simplify FPGA development of inline networking applications—featuring pre-built ethernet and QDMA subsystems, DPDK Linux drivers, and AXI-based connectivity for ease of integration of custom IP.

Applications and Libraries

AMD and its ecosystem partners offer a breadth of networking solutions for customers to choose from. Using these solutions, customers can easily accelerate and deploy their applications.

Partner Solutions

Napatech SmartNICs and Software

Napatech’s integrated SmartNIC solutions combine high-performance AMD FPGA-based SmartNICs with commercial-grade software to offload CPUs in virtualization, networking, and security applications. The result is optimized server utilization, improved overall performance, and reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

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