AXI Performance Monitor


Product Description

Included at no additional charge with ISE Embedded, Vivado Design and System Edition software

AXI Performance Monitor has the capability to measure major performance metrics (for AXI4, AXI4-Lite or AXI4-Stream based systems) such as bus latency for specific master/slave, amount of memory traffic for specific duration etc.

Key Features and Benefits

  • AXI4-LIte interface for register configuration
  • Configurable number of monitor slots (max of 8).  Each can be statically configured as AX84 memory mapped (AXI4-MM) or AXI4-Stream
  • Flexible support for monitor slots with any data width, ID width and frequency
  • Optional FIFO at each monitor slot interface for clock domain crossing
  • Free running Global Clock Counter
  • Event Log and Event Count Module
  • Cross probing between Event Count Module and Event Log Module
  • External event can be counted with a maximum of 8. Each external event will have a corresponding Start and Stop signals. External events can also be clock domain crossed
  • Support for ID based filtering (for performance and event logging)
  • Supports 3 mode as Advanced (Legacy mode for Event Logging and Event Counting)
  • Profile: Profile mode provides the event counting functionality for fixed metrics on each slot. The number of counters per slot and the metric for each counter are pre-defined. This mode does not support the AXI4-Stream interface.
  • Trace: race mode provides event logging functionality of the APM with less user configuration than Advanced mode. All the flags are enabled through static configuration. This mode does not support the AXI4-Stream interface

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