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Best Price/Performance/Watt at 28nm

Product Advantages

Design Confidently

AMD takes our commitment to long lifecycles very seriously. We are pleased to announce that support is formally being extended for all 7 series devices until at least 2035. This includes all speed and temperature grades for Spartan™ 7, Artix™ 7, Kintex™ 7, and Virtex™ 7 FPGAs, as well as Zynq™ 7000 SoCs.

Kintex 7 Product Advantage

Kintex™ 7 FPGAs provide your designs with exceptional price/performance/watt at 28nm while giving you high DSP ratios, cost-effective packaging, and support for mainstream standards like PCIe® Gen3 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Kintex 7 family is ideal for applications including 3G and 4G wireless, flat panel displays, and video over IP solutions.

Value Features
Programmable System Integration
  • Up to 478K logic cells, VCXO component, AXI IP, and AMS integration
Increased System Performance
BOM Cost Reduction
  • Half the price of similar density 40nm devices
Total Power Reduction
  • 50% lower power than previous generation 40nm devices
Accelerated Design Productivity
  • Scalable optimized architecture, comprehensive tools, IP and Boards and Kits
Product Table

Kintex 7 FPGA Product Table

  XC7K70T XC7K160T XC7K325T XC7K355T XC7K410T XC7K420T XC7K480T
Logic Cells 65,600 162,240 326,080 356,160 406,720 416,960 477,760
DSP Slices 240 600 840 1,440 1,540 1,680 1,920
Memory 4,860 11,700 16,020 25,740 28,620 30,060 34,380
GTX Transceivers
8 8 16 24 16 32 32
I/O Pins 300 400 500 300 500 400 400
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