Product Description

The LogiCORE™ CORDIC IP implements a generalized coordinate rotational digital computer (CORDIC) algorithm, initially developed by Volder to iteratively solve trigonometric equations, and later generalized by Walther to solve a broader range of equations, including the hyperbolic and square root equations. The CORDIC IP implements the following equation types:

  • Rectangular <-> Polar Conversion
  • Trigonometric
  • Hyperbolic
  • Square Root

Key Features and Benefits

  • Functional configurations
  • Optional coarse rotation module to extend the range of CORDIC from the first quadrant (+Pi/4 to - Pi/4 Radians) to the full circle
  • Optional amplitude compensation scaling module to compensate for the output amplitude scale factor of the CORDIC algorithm
  • Output rounding modes: Truncation, Round to Pos Infinity, Round to Pos/Neg Infinity, and Round to Nearest Even
  • Word serial architectural configuration for small area
  • Parallel architectural configuration for high throughput
  • Control of the internal add-sub precision
  • Control of the number of add-sub iterations
  • X and Y data formats: Signed Fraction, Unsigned Fraction, and Unsigned Integer
  • Phase data formats: Radian, Pi Radian
  • Fully synchronous design using a single clock

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